Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 Fall Accessories

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week and have great weekend plans ahead!! Today is the first day in Nashville that the weather is getting a little cooler, so naturally I started thinking about all my fall fashion and accessories for this season. I can't wait to wear a big cardigan sweater and riding boots with a pumpkin spice latte in hand. 

Today I wanted to share some of my must-have fall accessories for 2014... I would also love to know what your fall accessory list looks like this season!

#1 - A cozy and bold patterned scarf

#2 - A cute puffy vest 

#3 - An adorable hat paired with a casual look

#4 - Fringe anything!

#5 - A large watch with layered bangles 

#6 - A cargo vest or jacket 

I can't wait to hear what accessories you love this season!!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Best Summer Reads

If you're anything like me - reading is really hard for me to get into. I have to love a book to keep up with it, so this summer I challenged myself to read one book a month, May-August. I'm proud to say I successfully completed my goal and I wanted to share the books I read this summer in case you're looking for something easy and fun to read! All four of these books are very easy to get into and were fast reads, which is important to me. I definitely didn't want to get into anything too deep while trying to get a tan!

#1 - The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen
The main character in the book, Lindsey lives in the shadow of her beautiful twin sister, Alex. Lindsey does everything right... went to college, has a great job, and is responsible. After a series of events, Lindsey has to move home where she helps plan her sister's lavish wedding to her amazing fiancĂ©. Things quickly turn complicated as a family secret might change everything. 

#2 - Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple
Bernadette Fox is a wife, mother, and revolutionary architect. Everything seems to go wrong in Bernadette's live right before her daughter is due to go away to school. They decide to plan a family trip to Antarctica, but before they can leave for the trip, Bernadette goes missing. It's then up to her daughter to compile everything from her mothers past leading up to the day she goes missing to find her. 

#3 - Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler
The latest book by Chelsea Handler follows her through all her worldly travels and tells the hilarious stories her and her friends, and traveling companions, get into while they are navigating through airport security, and African safari, the slopes of Telluride, and the beaches of the Caribbean. The book is also complete with fun travel tips and travel etiquette. 

#4 - Sleeping Arrangements by Madeleine Wickham
This story follows the lives of two families who desperately need a vacation. The one thing these two families have in common, as far as they know, is that they both have the same friend who owns a luxury villa in Spain. Both families arrive at the villa and realize they are going to have to share this amazing house their entire vacation because it was double-booked. What the two families don't realize until they get to the house is that 2 of the guests have a long and messy history. Maybe it wasn't an accident bringing these two families together after all.

I hope that some of these books sound good to you, if you have any questions regarding them, please let me know! I would love your recommendations regarding what books you read this summer! I'm currently looking for my next book!
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday! Vegas Vacation

Happy Friday!! For my Oh Hey, Friday this week with The Farmer's Wife I wanted to write all about our recent Vegas vacation! My husband and I went to Vegas (for the 1st time) over Labor Day weekend and we had a blast! I can't wait to go back! Here are 5 of my favorite things from our trip and things you should definitely check out if you are planning a trip to Vegas soon!!

#1 - The Hoover Dam
We spent one afternoon driving out to the Hoover Dam and walking around taking picrites and it was a lot of fun with lots of good photo opportunities! Here are a couple I took while there...

#2 - The High Roller Observation Wheel
This was such a fun experience to see the city from 550 feet! There were tons of amazing photo opportunities and it was a nice relaxing 30 minute ride!

*If you look close in this picture you can see the Bellagio fountains going off!*

#3 - The Amazing Food
The hubs and I consider ourselves foodies and love eating at new and fun restaurants, which Vegas has a ton!! Here are some of the restaurants we went to and I would definitely recommend any of them! Public House in The Palazzo, Tao Asian Bistro in The Venetian, Canonita in The Palazzo, and Bacchanal Buffet in Caesars Palace. My pictures below are from Bacchanal... it's an amazing buffet with over 500 items from master chefs!

#4 - The Bellagio Fountains
You can famously see these fountains in the Oceans 11 movies and they are just as amazing in person! Every 30 minutes they have a new "show" complete with synchronized music! 

#5 - The best part of going on vacation is coming home to this face...

I would love to hear what you love doing in Vegas! I plan on going back soon and would love some more ideas!! 

Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emmy Fashion

Last night was one of my favorite nights - the Emmy Awards! I was so excited to see all my favorite stars dressed up and seeing which of my favorite shows won what award! I thought that today I would share some of my favorite and not so favorite dresses from last night. 

Here are some of my favorite looks from the night...

Heidi Klum

Hayden Panettiere

Julia Roberts

Kristen Wiig

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Here are my worst-dressed, which some are pretty bad!

Lena Dunham

Laura Prepon

Betsey Brandt

Sarah Paulson

I can't wait to see who's look you loved and who's look you hated last night!!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

$180?? Yes, Please

Hope you're having a great Monday! I have a little something that might make your Monday a little better... how about entering a raffle for your chance to win $180!! Today I'm part of this amazing giveaway from The Farmers Wife - be sure to head over to her blog to get entered!!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday! Fall Edition

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week, I can definitely tell you that I'm ready for the weekend! For Oh Hey, Friday this week I wanted my 5 things to focus on my favorite time of year - FALL! I'm not one to rush the seasons or holidays before people are ready, but I do love fall - everything about it is amazing to me so I can't help but get a little excited every year! 

Here are the 5 things I'm looking forward to this Fall...

I love wearing scarves with just about everything come Fall and I've already seen some really cute ones that I'm going to be buying for this season :)

Fall themed candles from Bath and Body Works! They are the best and I've already started stocking up!!

I love wearing boots and this year will be no exception! I have my eye on these cuties :)

Come on Pumpkin Spice Latte - I also love the Salted Caramel :)

Last but definitely not least - I love fall fashion and there are so many amazing things coming out this season!

What are you looking forward to this fall?? Also be sure to check out Amy's blog - The Farmers Wife on Monday. I'll be taking part in an amazing giveaway!!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Survival Kit Essentials

This post is inspired by Man Crates
I was recently contacted by an awesome company called Man Crates (which I was already a fan of them from listening to the Adam Carolla Podcast everyday!) so I was super excited when they reached out to me about creating a post with my 5 "must have essentials" for a survival kit. This idea really got me thinking about what I would want to take with me, and I even got my husband involved too :) Here is what each of us would put in our survival kit...

#1 - Chapstick - I am admittedly obsessed with Chapstick! I couldn't imagine going a few hours without Chapstick, let alone a few days, so this is definitely coming with me!
#2 - Gum - I think if I had some gum to chew the lack of food wouldn't be such an issue, plus I would like fresh breath while I'm trying to survive in the wilderness :)
#3 - Magazines - This is purely for entertainment value, having a good pile of magazines would definitely help with boredom and keep me in the loop of pop culture and fashion while I'm stranded!
#4 - Hand Sanitizer - I think this one is self-explanatory! I imagine that if I'm trying to survive that my hands will be getting pretty dirty! :)
#5 - Dry Shampoo - When I watch the show Survivor the people always look like the need a nice shower in the worst way, so I'm hoping that dry shampoo will help keep me looking presentable :)

My husband picked things that would help a little bit more when it comes to survival, but he also wanted to stay entertained while doing it :)

#1 - Rdio Playlists - My husband uses Rdio instead of iTunes and he said he wouldn't be able to keep his sanity without some good music :)

#2 - Cooking Items - Who would want to be stranded and trying to survive without some way to cook up an exotic animal for dinner!

#3 - iPad - My husband said he would want to play a game of Scrabble on the iPad every night :)

#4 - Power Tools - I think he was imagining building shelter and maybe a boat, so power tools would be a must!

#5 - Shaving Equipment - Much like my dry shampoo, my husband wants to keep a clean shave so he can also look presentable when we are rescued :)

Even though a lot of our items are a little vain, we had fun putting out lists together! I was explaining Man Crates to my husband and he thought they were a really cool idea if you are looking for a unique gift for your guy friend or family member who is hard to shop for, you just need to know what they are into. Not only are the gifts themed but they also come in a crate with a crowbar for them to open it! 

Here are some of the crates my husband really liked...

The Clean Shave Crate

The Golfer's Crate

Be sure to check out Man Crates for the guy in your life, I promise you will find something with all their awesome categories to shop from. 

I would love to know what you (or your husband) would put in your survival kit!
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