Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes - Telescope

Hey there - it's time for Tuesday's Tunes with Leslyn over at Leslyn's Lovely Life.  This week I wanted to pick a fun song since last week's song was on the serious side! :) Here is the song I have been listening to this past week...

Telescope from Hayden Panettiere - this song was also in the new TV show - Nashville :)

I can't to share another great song next week - be sure to stop by Leslyn's blog to link up or check out what everyone else is listening to! 

And one last thing..



  1. LOVE this song!! And totally love Hayden Panettiere...ever since Remember the Titans! ;)

    And I voted!! Even did it early..last Friday!

  2. I love that song! Nashville was filming in a friend's neighborhood the other day, so cool!!!

  3. i also love that song but i like the version better where the two daughters sing it at a talent show. so much better!

  4. I love Hayden- she is awesome. I have all of the episodes of Nashville saved on my DVR. I fully intend on watching all of them with my hubby this weekend. ;)

    Thanks for linking up, friend!